• Life is gorgeous when you can laugh.

    And we have all reason to do so.

  • We're always having a jolly time.

    Four men and one power woman. What more can you want!

  • He is the man whom we have to thank for our mountain pasture.

    Daddy Salvenmoser. A man of nature through and through.

  • When everything began.

    Our family two generations ago. Things looked a lot different back then.

  • We've always had fun at work.

    And in the fresh mountain air. Day in, day out.

  • Daddy Salvenmoser has all reason to be proud.

    His mountain hut was as popular then as it is today.

  • Anita has always mastered the stop at the mountain tavern.

    She simply feels at home on skis and in the mountains.

  • Wood becomes art.

    A treasure from nature.

  • First things first: Anita has everything under control.

    Her men support her with all they've got.

  • Can you see it?

    Our boys are sly old dogs.

  • This is our guard dog …

    … and cuddles dog. Just feel its soft fur.

  • The greatest happiness on earth …

    … is in the Tyrol mountains.

You will feel good with us. Here, you are part of the family.


Allow us to introduce ourselves briefly: I, Anita Salvenmoser, and my husband Peter run the Rübezahl Alm – and we do so with passion. Clearly, we love nature. Meadows, forests and streams are close enough to touch where we are. The stunning view of the Wilder Kaiser is also especially romantic of course. One reason more to also live here. Because it is simple the most beautiful place.

Thanks to our three lively boys, there is always something happening here. As our eldest, Gabriel helps us where he can. And the two younger ones keep us on our toes. The nice thing about it is that there is nothing that could give us more pleasure after a long day's work.


Come round and get to know us.

We look forward to seeing you.


Your Anita & Salvenmoser family